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Clovis Junior Soccer League- Fundraising

Clovis Junior Soccer League holds three primary fundraising opportunities over the course of the year. We believe in providing our member families an opportunity to offset their soccer expenses. CJSL as a league does not profit from these fundraisers, every penny is returned to our member clubs and families.

CJSL Send A Card Store

CJSL has teamed with SendOutCards to provide our member families with a convenient service providing all of your greeting card needs. These cards are NOT E-Greeting cards that arrive in your email inbox. These are high quality cards that are printed and sent via US Postal Service. Select one of several thousand cards, or make your own fully customiseable card using your own photo's if you want. You can even add a gift such as a gift card, books, gourmet foods, and even jewlery. A basic card costs only $2.99 and includes postage. Another great feature is that you can schedule when cards are to be sent. You can sit down one evening and schedule all of your cards for the year. CLICK HERE TO VISIT CJSL'S CARD STORE


CJSL offers member families an opportunity to work at our Tuesday night bingo games at the Clovis Bingo Hall In exchange for working the games, members earn funds which can be used to offset not only soccer, but even school expenses. Example- If you buy your child a laptop bring in your receipt. You will be given a check for up to the full amount of the laptop, depending on your account balance. If you would like to work at CJSL Bingo Night, please contact the CJSL Office by EMAIL


CJSL offers fireworks script sales starting about June 1st. Approximately 30% of all pre-sale dollars are returned to the players involved. Additional credit can be earned by working in our fireworks booth at the corner of Fowler and Herndon next to Chase Bank. If you are interested in participating in CJSL fireworks sales, please contact Craig Young by EMAIL

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