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CJSL strives to provide a complete reference library for our referees. If you would like to see a particular document, form, or link to a website, please email the Secretary.

CJSL Material

CJSL Coaches Kit
CJSL Referee Payroll Information Form
Referee Payroll Sheet
Youth Referee Medical Release Form
Referee's Score Sheet
Send Off Report
Referee Evaluation Form Posted 10-11-06
Coaches Evaluation Form Posted 10-11-06
Official Assignor Website


Hand Ball Handout Posted 8-2-09
Guide to Whistle Use

USSF Directives

Assistant Referee Involvement Posted 5-11-09
Contact Above the Shoulder Posted 5-11-09
Dissent Posted 5-11-09
Free Kick & Restart Management Posted 5-11-09
Game Disrepute and Mass Confrontation Posted 5-11-09
Game Management & Game Control Posted 5-11-09
Handling the Ball Posted 5-11-09
Injury Management Posted 5-11-09
Managing the Technical Area Posted 5-11-09
Misconduct, Tactical and Red Card Fouls Posted 5-11-09

USSF Memorandums

2011 Law Changes Posted 6-23-11
Feinting by Kicker During a Penalty Kick Posted 7-18-10
Preventing a Goalkeepers Release of the Ball Posted 4-28-10
Hair Control Devices Posted 8-2-09
Head Injuries Posted 8-2-09

USSF Material

Expectations for Referee Performance Based on Referee Grade Posted 8-11-10
2010 Memorandum of Rules Interpretations Posted 7-7-10
Laws of the Game Updated 6-18-14
Referees Administrative Handbook Posted 8-16-10
Pre-Game Cheat Sheet
7 Cautionable-7 Send off Offenses Updated 7-6-10
Game Count Log
Offside Clarification- Powerpoint Presentation Updated 8-16-10
Guide To Procedures for Referees
2009/10 Updates to Procedures
FIFA Guidlines for Referees

Referee Websites

CYSA Referee Website
Bob Evans Referee Blog
Cal-South Referee Page
US Soccer Federation Referee Section
US Soccer Referee Blog
US Youth Soccer Referee Section
FIFA Referee Page

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